5 Benefits of Installing Key Control Systems in Your Hospitality Business

07 December 2020

5 Benefits of Installing Key Control Systems

When you run a hospitality business like a hotel, B&B, or spa, you need to make sure your guests are kept safe at all times. It’s likely that your premises have lots of different rooms and access points which require lots of different keys- keeping track of them and storing them securely should be paramount as it’s these areas that are most vulnerable. That's where the key control systems can help.

Installing a mechanical or electronic key system to keep all of your keys in one place for employees to access when necessary is the best way to look after your property and your guests. The most secure key control systems incorporate key tracking software (web-based platforms that track keys as they are checked in, out, and between sites) allowing you to track the movement of your keys in real-time. There are many benefits to installing a strong key control system at your business- here are five of the most important:

Mechanical Systems Grouped With Key

Key Control Systems and Transparency Amongst Staff

Having a tracked key system will improve staff relations and encourage greater employee accountability. Your staff will have to check keys in and out of a locked box and will be aware of the fact that they are tracked, meaning that they’ll take more responsibility in their role. Equally, if you hire in contractors, you can put timers on your key systems to allow or disallow certain employees admittance at specific times, reducing the risk of contractors being on the premises when they shouldn’t be.

Less wasted time with key control systems

If you don’t have an organised key system and keys are regularly passed between employees rather than returned to a primary control panel, there is a much greater risk of keys getting lost and ultimately wasting valuable time trying to find them again. When keys are lost, it’s vital that you get locks changed and replacement keys, which again uses up unnecessary time. Overall, a good key control system will bring greater productivity to your business.


One of the great things about electronic lockers is that they lend themselves to almost any business. Whether you run a student library that lends out laptops or you manage a shop that utilises tablets, a locker system is bound to keep these items safe, ensuring your business continues to boom.

Lower Cost

Along with wasting time, getting your locks changed and replacing your keys will cost you money. You’ll need to call a professional locksmith to finish the job and if this is a frequent occurrence, costs can really start to mount up. Also, having good key control systems not only protects your customers but also shows that you’ve taken the steps to safeguard them and as a result, your insurance rates will be lowered.

Peace of Mind

When you install a key system to keep your business’ keys safe, the risk of theft, vandalism and intrusion will be greatly reduced. You can rest assured that you’ve taken all of the necessary steps to keep you and your guests as safe as possible, which in turn weakens any arguments of negligence; you’re far less likely to be held legally responsible if a burglary, robbery or other intrusion-related crime takes place on your premises.

Customer Satisfaction

The final benefit ties in with our last point- your guests will feel much more comfortable in an establishment which clearly takes security seriously. If they see a load of keys hanging on hooks in the main reception, they have good reason to feel concerned about their safety. However, if the keys are kept in a sturdy mechanical or electronic key security system, they can trust that they’re in safe hands. Going above and beyond what’s expected of you and having tight security may also encourage more customers to use your services.

For reliable key management solutions, choose Keytracker. We offer both mechanical and electronic key security systems that can be integrated with our web-based key tracking software to ensure maximum transparency at all times. We’ve worked with various hospitality businesses over the years in order to ensure the highest quality of customer service at all times. For more information, get in touch with us today.