Helping the Emergency & Health Services

The Emergency & Health Services throughout the UK are a vital part of daily life and healthcare services for the general public. Ensuring that they can run with complete efficiency is important.

This is where KeyTracker can help the emergency and health service sector – by providing key and asset management and security with ease, bringing about peace of mind and efficiency across all facilities, vehicles, medical equipment, confidential paperwork and more.

Aiding the Emergency & Health Sectors

Having worked with and supplied the emergency and health sector for several years, KeyTracker are familiar with the requirements for securing pharmaceuticals, confidential paperwork, medical equipment, keys, and assets across a variety of individual departments.

Not only have they supplied solutions into busy medical environments, but they have also helped provide secure solutions into the care homes sector. Care homes are known for a high number of rooms throughout their buildings, often coming with a key to each of them. With this in mind, they often need to secure these keys at all times. With KeyTracker’s help, management solutions have helped provide access to keys out of hours as well as to the facilities and vehicles on site.

Case Studies: St John Ambulance & All Wales Ambulance Service

KeyTracker have worked with a variety of emergency and health services over the years, including St John Ambulance and All Wales Ambulance Service.

St John Ambulance are known throughout the West Midlands, with many vehicles within their fleet that are vital to their daily operations. It was identified that there was an issue in terms of managing their fleet keys effectively. With 22 vehicles in the fleet, keys were being kept on unsecure key hooks, leaving them at risk of theft or vehicles being unavailable when needed due to access not being managed.

With this in mind, they contacted KeyTracker for a solution. They worked alongside St John Ambulance to understand their business and their unique needs before offering a mechanical key management solution. This system allows each user access with their individual access key, identifying who has which vehicle in the fleet at a given time. This helped to improve efficiency, remove risks of theft, and secure the assets of the operation.

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KeyTracker's Secure Solutions

KeyTracker not only provide mechanical systems, but can offer electronic solutions, RFiD prevention options and accompanying accessories.

Mechanical systems, much like those installed at St John Ambulance, include peg-in, peg-out boards, magnetic boards and blocks, mechanical lockers with digital locks and more. Access and retention pegs as well as other accessories can also be purchased to accompany mechanical systems.

Alternatively, electronic systems can be installed and integrated into your own access systems. They provide the security required when a business has a larger number of keys to handles daily, but also for small businesses looking to improve their efficiency with ease. The E-Track systems can be set up with your own management systems, or can be installed with the KeyTracker Control Software, giving you complete access and control at any time of day.

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Whatever your business needs, KeyTracker have a solution for you. Whether it is a small key security system, or a vast asset and key management solution, KeyTracker can help you with immediate results.