Key Management in Retail

 Suitable for All Retail Environments

Whether your store is a supermarket or you sell clothes, vehicles or products, Keytracker has secure systems, accessories and locks that can improve your key management in retail. Our products are suitable for many areas in retail as they can be used to track the use of keys, store items or electronic equipment like scanners and devices. Below is a breakdown of the products we recommend for retail key management.


Mechanical Systems

Peg-in, peg-out boards, magnetic blocks, retention pegs, and tag accessories are mechanical products we recommend for key management in retail.

With Keytracker, you can keep control of assets and keys within the store to avoid misplacement or theft. The mechanical systems we supply are suited to smaller businesses as they make tracking key movements easier and more organised. For example, the magnetic block system works best for mechanical sectors like car dealerships or garages where keys can be assigned to a colour or block that matches the car they’re for. A magnetic block will be placed on a board with a colour or number that is one of a pair. The pairing block will be placed on top of a car in a dealership. The peg-in, peg-out system work similarly, with colours and numbers. For example, in a supermarket, if all the staff in charge of the keys are assigned a colour, they must replace a key taken from a retention peg or cabinet, with their coloured peg. This way, at the end of a shift, if the key isn’t returned, you know the person who had it last, or you can locate them on shift to retrieve it.

The benefits of our mechanical systems for key management in retail include quicker tracking times, productivity and security.

Electronic Systems

Electronic cabinets and accessories.

With technologies like facial recognition, fingerprint biometrics and RFID, keyholders and managers can be more organised when storing their keys securely for their store. Electronic systems are more suited to tracing keys for larger businesses and stores with large-scale key handling. Cabinets visually allow you to see when keys are missing and storing them is more secure, but RFID tags attached to assets are scanned when inside the cabinets which transmits data to a central database. This stores information on the location and status of the key or asset. The key cabinets come in different sizes for different capacities, and they can conveniently blend into a workspace.

The benefits of our electronic systems for key management in retail include easy-to-use software, analysing key movements in your business and securely storing keys. Avoiding misplaced keys and unauthorised access to increase responsibility is also an advantage.

Key Control Software

Key management in retail can benefit from key control software, as it enables you to track and report all events and activities. You’ll be increasing the security of key management with tracking software that prevents unauthorised access and increases responsibility. This software works well with our mechanical peg-in, peg-out boards but also independently. With a breakdown of how to use it, our team can easily install the software for you and it’s simple to use.

We have many other products that are well-suited and adaptable for key management in retail or security of assets and personal items, such as lockers.

Why Come to Keytracker?

Keytracker aims to bring solutions to businesses that face challenges with key management and make retail systems more efficient. Our products allow customers to continue focusing on what they do best, which is running their stores and teams, without the hassle of misplaced items, insecure key and equipment holding. We produce our products globally, delivering the best solutions for businesses, with recommendations for individual needs. We strive to deliver excellent customer service and steer our clients toward the products that would work best for their retail stores and business size.

We work hard to develop our products and with our vast knowledge and experience, we can bring something to every market and sector that requires better key management systems. As business owners, we understand the importance of running things as smoothly and securely as possible. Our products fill a gap in the market and are versatile to accommodate unique sector needs.

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