Keytracker Accessories

08 October 2021

Keytracker is the leading provider of mechanical and electronic key and equipment control systems and Keytracker accessories for your place of work.

Our aim is to create systems that are suited to each customer's individual needs, working hard with our clients to provide solutions to their key management problems.

We are constantly developing new products to fill the gaps in the market. Offering the widest range of products and accessories in terms of key and equipment security.

We offer key management systems, key cabinets, and software, with many accessories to compliment our systems to save you time and money looking for keys and equipment.

Keytracker Accessories Range

Keytracker Pegs

One of our most popular systems are the peg in peg outboards, a simple solution for managing keys, issuing all authorised users with personalised access pegs. Our access and retention pegs are available in vibrant colours and in plastic or metal, we can engrave a person’s initials or a set number on each of them, ensuring you know exactly who has which key at any time.

Management Pegs

Quick Release Keyrings

Our quick release keyrings are used in conjunction with our mechanical system boards, they can provide the solution for multi access peg use for members of staff, temporary cards such as fuel cards or swipe cards, or to comply with fire safety legislation. The keyring looks just like a normal ring, but has two parts that can be separated, this allows one section to be changed or removed without having to break or cut seals.

Quick Release Key Rings

Mirror Hangers

Another of our accessories is a range of mirror hangers, these come in various colours, large and medium sizes and are shaped with a cut out to fit around the rear-view mirror of a vehicle, these are especially popular in car dealerships providing quick reference on the sales forecourt.  and for the large sized mirror hangers

Mirror Hanger Numbered Blue

Magnetic Blocks

In addition to our mirror hangers, our magnetic blocks are another popular choice in the automotive sector. Available in bright colours, with or without numbers, our magnetic blocks are triangular shaped and fitted with powerful magnets inside, the fixed rubber bases ensure adhesion the roof of vehicles without marking or scratching the paintwork. you can purchase our block control board individually to store them or with our keytag system which comes with a magnetic control board, keytag hook board,20 magnetic blocks and 20 coloured keytags.

Numbered Blocks

Key Cabinet Accessories

Another Keytracker product that is popular is our electronic key cabinets, these cabinets can keep track of keys and improve processes and efficiency across any workplace. They can provide invaluable information about who is using what and has company assets. We have partnered with Alcolock UK and have created the perfect accessories to go with our electronic key cabinets and lockers, a breathalyser that ensures the security of your keys and assets as well as the safety of each of your employees. This is the all in one easy operation meaning every aspect of responsibility through key control, security and legality is covered. we also offer a printed swipe card option which can be used with most of our electronic cabinets and electronic locker systems

Keytracker Electronic Plus System

Barcode Scanner

Our key control software means you can use a comprehensive method for managing, controlling, and tracking your assets and keys. We have various software accessories to complement our systems including a barcode scanner which is handheld and to be used with Keytrackers software and barcode seals

Barcode Scanner

Stickers & Signature Pad

The barcode seals come on a roll of 1000, all with individual numbers, shaped to fit the anti-tamper seals . We also offer a signature pad; this can be used in conjunction with our software for customers to sign for proof of transaction. It features a touch pad and a stylus, once signed this will show up on the computer screen

Signature Pad  If you want to have a look at some of our products and how they work, take a look at  this shows a selection of products available to you.

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