Property & Estates Sector

08 November 2021

Douglas & Gordon

Keytracker provides bespoke key management solutions for the property & estates sector.
We have supplied many estate agents and companies in the property sector with a solution for storing and securely keeping track of keys. Whether it be for a small business or a large company Keytracker can provide a solution for you. Keytrackers key management solutions can save you and your employees valuable time and money. There will be no more time spent searching for lost or, misplaced keys, and no more money spent on replacing them when they are not found.
We have various systems available that will work for the property & estates sector, our team will collaborate with you to find the right key management system for you.

Keytracker Mechanical Systems

One of our most popular systems is the Keytracker mechanical system, a simple peg in peg out solution for managing your keys. We offer a range of keyboards that can store anything from 5 keys up to 150! The mechanical pegboards each come with a set of retention pegs, access pegs, and seal cutters.

Key Cabinets in Property & Estates

Another of our key management solutions is our key cabinets, available in four varied sizes, our bespoke steel key cabinets will hold a maximum of two mechanical key systems or hook panels. “The world's only Police approved commercial key cabinets are also self-closing and multipoint locking”.

Keytracker Electronic Cabinets for Property Sector

Our electronic key cabinets ensure that each set of keys are stored securely and is organised and are accessible to only authorised users. Our electronic key cabinets show auto emails and reports that can show any non-returns of keys.

Do not just take our word for it that our systems help to organise and securely store keys. Look at our case studies, where our valued customers explain how our bespoke key management solutions have helped them and their businesses.

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If you would like to book a product demonstration to talk to our experts about which key management solution, we would recommend for you and your business to help with key solutions, please fill in our contact form and select product demonstration. One of team will get back to you asap!