New police approved signal blocking key pouches

03 December 2021

Police approved signal blocking pouches

A large number of new cars now have keyless entry as standard, or as an optional extra. Any car that has keyless entry and keyless start is vulnerable to being targeted by thieves.

How are Keyless Cars Stolen?

The vehicle is stolen using a relay attack unit, this is a device that transmits on the same frequency as the car's remote key fob and it is used to capture the signal from your car key, the signal is then copied and sent to another transmitter.
It takes thieves two minutes to carry this out and it is done outside your house, even if the key is inside the house, the tech used by thieves tricks your car into thinking it's nearby enough to unlock.
The transmitter then will function as an additional key, it opens the car, starts it, and then is easily driven away (this will only work if the car also has keyless start as a feature-if the car has a push button start instead of turning the key in the ignition)

How Can Keyless Car Theft be Prevented?

There are many things you can do to try and prevent your keyless car from being stolen, keeping your fob away from any windows or doors will help but why not scupper the thieves' plans once and for all by purchasing Keytrackers new police approved radio frequency identification (RFID) signal blocking key pouch.

Our innovative new product prevents thieves from stealing your pride and joy. You simply store your key fob in the RFID pouch and seal it, this will instantly stop the transmission of the signal from the car fob, preventing thieves from being able to capture the signal. Our police-approved signal blocking key pouches are made from RPF material, this specialist material is weaved in exactly the correct weave density and compound to guarantee, Keytrackers pouches have been assessed against specific police approved criteria to be classed as police approved and hold a sold secure certificate.

The Best Way to Protect Your Car from Being Stolen

The absolute best way to guard your vehicle is to use a Keytracker sold secure police approved signal blocking key pouches. Our pouches also seal the keys using a Keytracker anti-tamper seal.

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