Contactless Lockers

13 January 2022

package drop-off and collection locker

In the current world, we live in and with the pandemic still, ongoing many businesses are looking to find different ways to keep their employees and customers safe.
No contact options are becoming increasingly popular, in the quest to stop the spread of coronavirus and virus transmission.
Keytracker has successfully evolved its product lines and innovative technology to help support no contact options. We have an in-house research and development team that is always providing the safest and most dependable no contact options on the market.

Intelligent Lockers

Our intelligent lockers provide a safe and smart system ensuring a secure and effective solution, improving on no contact options for customers and staff.

Drop Off and Collection Lockers

Our affordable intelligent locker systems allow you to drop off and collect items such as keys, packages, parcels, passes, and other essential items or provisions. We offer indoor and outdoor installation; these systems allow businesses to provide a 24/7 no contact drop off and collection facility. Our drop off and collection lockers are not only convenient but also provide a safe contactless experience providing a solution to the demands and concerns of modern living. The 24-hour retrieval facility allows individuals access as and when it suits them, they can collect or drop off at a time that is convenient to them without having to disrupt their day-to-day duties.

Personal Item Storage Lockers

Keytrackers personal item storage lockers provide a self-storage locker where individuals such as staff, visitors, and students can store their belongings safely, and for items that need charging such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets a charging port is available inside the locker. This enables individuals to only use the locker and charging device they have access to so there is no need to use public charging ports in and around universities and schools, our personal item storage lockers provide a safe and secure locker ensuring an innovative user experience.

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