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10 March 2022

Keytracker helps businesses and companies keep track of valuable keys and equipment. We help by providing key management systems that keep track of and organise your keys and assets.

With a variety of products that include mechanical and digital lockers, peg in, peg out boards, access & retention pegs, as well as key cabinets & safes together with key control software Keytracker really do have every aspect of the secure management of keys and assets covered.


We specialise in providing solutions to a wide variety of business sectors, including the hospitality sector, automotive, and construction sectors. Recently we have been working within the public sector and have a couple of very interesting case studies to tell you about:

Wilkinson Primary School Case Study

Wilkinson Primary School identified they had an issue with their key management system, so came to Keytracker to see how we could help!

The school has several vehicles that are used to take children to events and on school trips, originally the keys were simply kept on hooks in cabinets, alongside other keys for buildings, keys for containers and fire panels, and much more.

The issue arose when an employee who was taking the school children out on a field trip had accidentally also picked up another two sets of vehicle keys as well as the ones for the minibus they were using. Unfortunately, those other sets of keys were needed for other trips on that same day, this, unfortunately, led to huge disappointment for the other pupils and parents.

Keytrackers Solution

Keytracker identified a mechanical key system as being the ideal solution for Wilkinson primary school, the mechanical system offered a capacity of 50 key positions, that was secured inside a self-closing cabinet that had push-button access to help the school better manage the keys to all their vehicles and buildings, meaning they no longer had to face the challenge of missing keys, or spend time and effort looking for lost keys.

The headteacher at Wilkinson Primary School said

“Life since the cabinet was installed has become much easier, no wasting valuable time searching for missing keys.”
“Keys are easily tracked and access to them can be continually monitored. Pleasingly the installation team gave us succinct training and were accommodating enough to work around our daytime schedule. In short, a great product, I don’t know how we managed without it.”

Wilkinson Primary School

University of London Case Study

Another one of our public sector clients is the University of London, they originally identified an issue with the way student accommodation keys were being managed. The university needed to ensure the safety and security of students living in the residential area of the building, by safely storing these keys to areas that were out of bounds but also could be easily accessed if needed by security and maintenance professionals, this was needed across 7 residential sites.

There was also a similar issue in the administration building, with many keys to a variety of office spaces, these keys needed to be available but only to those that were authorised to use the facilities, and again security and maintenance employees.

Keytrackers Solution

Keytracker worked closely with the University of London and provided eight electronic key management systems for each location. The systems have pin code access, with each user having their own individual code, allowing staff to see who has which key and at what time it was taken. Each of the key systems provides a full audit trail, using Keytrackers software and allows quick access to approved staff.

Andrew Howarth the deputy head of residential accommodation at London University of London said

“Since having the systems installed across our sites, we have seen a decrease in time spent finding the correct keys for a building or area and have full visibility of who has accessed keys at what time and for how long. It is now obvious if a key is missing and we can easily identify who has it, the system also makes people more accountable for ensuring shared spaces are left clear and tidy.”

Keytrackers solutions saved the issue of the wrong keys being in the wrong hands at the wrong time, but also future issues of keys that may be lost entirely and the possibility of locks to be changed and expensive keys to be replaced.

University Of London

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