Key management in the health sector

09 September 2021

St Johns Ambulance

Keytracker has been supplying the healthcare sector for many years, providing solutions for the securing and key management of confidential paperwork, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment with our intelligent locker systems.

Key Management Services

We have also provided key management services for fleets of emergency vehicles where easy and secure access to vehicle keys is paramount, ensuring that keys are not left lying around where they could be prone to theft and unauthorised access of important vehicles.

Keytracker helps the healthcare sector to work more efficiently and safely by providing a range of options to manage keys and assets better.

Fast automated access to emergency vehicles and assets is a must to keep our front lines working efficiently. Every activity can be recorded, and only authorised users can gain access to keys, once removed the user is easily identified and accountable.

Mechanical Key Systems for Medical Purposes

One of the systems we use is a mechanical key system, this is a simple peg in peg out system. Authorised users are issued with personalised access pegs, these pegs guarantee when a set of keys are removed from the lockable cabinet, the person who has the keys is easily identified immediately.

Electronic Key Cabinets in Health Care

Another Keytracker system that is used in the healthcare sector is our electronic key cabinets system. This gives fast access and ensures all keys are organised and secure. Reports and automatic emails can quickly show any non-returns, this can help with improving future systems and processes.

Why not let Keytracker help you keep track of your equipment and keys with keytrackers key management systems, cabinets, and software. We cut down on the time wasted looking for keys or equipment, improving efficiency and security. All our systems are health and safety compliant; our experienced team will set up these systems quickly for you and your business.

why not read one of our case studies in the healthcare sector for St johns ambulance, with 22 vehicles on site the fleet is vital to the charities daily operation

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