Mechanical Systems Carlisle

Mechanical Systems Carlisle are a perfect solution for smaller business that are in need of a quick, easily accessible, and secure internal key management system. Take a look and invest in Keytracker’s mechanical systems today.

Mechanical Systems from Keytracker

Mechanical Systems from Keytracker have been designed and manufactured in-house with security and ease of use at the forefront of our team’s design. They are an ideal solution for a SME’s with lower security needs, but also are excellent investment for those in the automotive or property & estates sectors. They offer a simplistic solution with quick installation and ease of use for those in need of key management solutions.

The Benefits of Mechanical Cabinets & Accessories

Investing in mechanical systems will allow your business to operate smoothly and efficiently especially with the support of the mechanical cabinets and accessories. Keytracker supply a range of cabinets, each designed specifically to enhance your security experience. The addition of accessories assists with seamless management of your keys and assets. A few benefits of mechanical systems include:

  • Loss Prevention: Keys are secured with a Keytracker solution which reduces the chance of loss.
  • Enhanced Internal Operations: Having a quick, easily accessible solution improves internal operations as the hunt for keys is removed. Operations can run smoothly without hassle of finding keys.
  • Human Error Reduction: With less people laying hands on important keys, there is a reduced risk of human error and loss.
  • Authorised Personnel Only: These systems are designed for authorised personnel only, with those in need of keys being given an access peg for identification.
  • Easy Identification: Access pegs are used by authorised personnel or order to remove keys from the secure mechanical system. This ensures that people are aware of who has what keys at any given time.

Although these systems bring a vast range of benefits, they are also an ideal solution for SME’s who have lower security needs and requirements.

E-Track System
Domestic System

The Right Mechanical Solution For Your Business

Keytracker have an extensive range of mechanical system products and solutions that suit all business needs.  Keytracker’s mechanical system products and solutions are designed and manufactured to provide secure and fast-access methods which are suitable for all business needs.

Mechanical Lockers with Digital Locks:

Lockers with digital locks provide employees with secure asset management, securing their personal belongings whilst in the workplace. A contactless mechanical solution.

Magnetic Board & Blocks:

Magnetic Blocks and Boards are a cost-effective and simple solution for securing your keys and assets quickly. Available as a complete set or individual components.

Access & Retention Pegs:

These access and retention pegs are used by authorised personnel to access keys kept secure on Keytracker’s Peg Boards.

Peg-in, Peg-out Boards:

These boards have been designed and manufactured by Keytracker to provide quick and easy security for keys. Available in a range of sizes dependent upon your business. Keytracker also have secure cabinets available to house these peg boards.


Keytracker’s range of mechanical accessories includes keyrings, key tails, anti-tamper seals and more.

Case Studies

Keytracker has been supplying multiple businesses within different industries for over 25 years. A vast array of clients has found a suitable solution for their organisation allowing Keytracker to compile a selection of case studies, highlighting, how they have helped provide secure key and asset management systems.

Car Planet and Western Nissan are two examples of customers who were in need of a solution for their key management. Having spoken with Keytracker to find the right solution, they invested in mechanical systems for their business.

Why not read some more of our case studies today.

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If you or your business are in need of a secure solution for key management, why not take a look at Keytracker’s Mechanical Systems today. You can purchase these systems online today along with the necessary mechanical accessories.

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