Smart Key Management System

What Makes a Smart Key Management System?

One of the key features of a smart key management system is its ability to track the whereabouts of keys in real time. Using electronic key tags or fobs, the system can monitor who accessed a key, when it was taken, and when it was returned. With this level of accountability, organisations enhance their security by preventing unauthorised access. Unlike mechanical solutions of key storage and access, KeyTracker’s intelligent lockers use smart technology in the locking mechanisms as well as have e-tracking options. A smart key management system will trace your employees handling of keys with dates and times of use, whether they were returned or not and who is in current use of which key.

Overcoming Key Management Challenges with Smart Technology Innovations

Traditional key management systems, often involving physical keys and manual tracking methods, pose significant challenges. These challenges include key loss, unauthorised access, administrative burdens, and security breaches. Manual key organisation can be a daunting task for any organisation though. With a smart key management system, you can ensure access control remains secure and hold users accountable for key management. Smart key management systems offer advanced features which will significantly enhance your security. Whatever industry you work in. In an increasingly digital world, your business can successfully navigate the complexities of key management with KeyTracker’s products; adapt easily to using our technology and see the difference in your company’s productivity, smooth operations and contactless transactions with contact-free e-track lockers.

Smart Locks & Digital Keys

Smart locks eliminate the need for physical keys and reduce the risk of key loss and unauthorised duplication. With a master digital key, you can ensure all other keys need granted access only with cabinet locks remotely controlled via computers and smartphones. KeyTracker offers many options for smart locking mechanisms such as biometric authentication. Fingerprint, facial recognition and scanning means smart key management systems with enhanced security and convenience. No forgotten pin codes or fishing through keys to get into the cabinets. 

Why Choose KeyTracker?

KeyTracker do more than just address key challenges, we innovate solutions to overcome the challenges of traditional systems that are unreliable and insecure. KeyTracker’s smart technology makes a difference but is also extremely adaptable and flexible to install and learn to use. Our smart key management system seamlessly integrates into existing systems too; we provide all the advice you need when choosing the appropriate smart systems for your business.

Which Industries Benefit From KeyTracker’s Key Management Systems?

KeyTracker’s key management systems offer versatile and reliable solutions that cater to a wide range of industries. Here are some key sectors that benefit…


Car dealerships and rental companies can manage large fleets more effectively, ensuring that keys are always accounted for and easily accessible to authorised staff. With our cabinet or key accessories too, staff can identify the right key for the matching car, with tags that visually make searching for the pairings simpler. Our smart lockers are also ideal for emergency service vehicles, for quick and essential travel, finding they keys for the car, van or truck is paramount.

Real Estate and Property Management

Property owners and managers can track key usage and authorise certain access to their buildings. Real estate agents can also efficiently find the keys for the right property and reduce unauthorised entry to homes.


Hotels and resorts can streamline guest check-ins and improve security by using digital keys and smart locks. More and more hotels and hubs are introducing self check-ins to make the process contactless and flexible, or simpler for places low on staff.


Schools and university campus’s can maintain security with access to classrooms, labs and administrator offices. Smart key management systems prevent unauthorised access but our systems are also perfect for charging asset lockers so laptops and devices used for education can be easily accessible.

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