Key and Asset Management for Military Organisations

Keytracker has been supplying products for years to organisations that require secure systems and processes for their key and asset management. Military, authorities and commercial businesses with many key handlers or staff can better track their keys or assets with Keytracker’s audits and gain insight into their usage. Keytracker supplies high security for asset management so that responsibility in the workplace can be improved and organisations can become more efficient in their time management, productivity and authorisation.

High Security Solutions for Sensitive Equipment

Keytracker recommends our electronic systems for efficient and intelligent key and asset security for military equipment and our police-approved cabinets are ideal for the storing of assets and keys so no unauthorised personnel could gain access. Examples of objects that our systems store securely include:

High security for asset management within the military and defence sectors is paramount. The same goes for police, the healthcare sector and other authorities that may have equipment on site that requires specialists or trained professionals to use only.

Keytracker Products and Their Benefits

Electronic Cabinets

Military installations require robust security and efficient key control. Electronic key cabinets offer a customisable solution to meet these demands.

  • Tailored Access: Granular control over access levels and permissions ensures only authorised personnel can access specific keys.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Detailed audit trails track key usage, fostering responsibility and deterring misuse.
  • Military-Grade Compliance: The system can be configured to meet stringent military security standards.

By investing in high security for asset management with Keytracker, military operations can boost their operational efficiency by eliminating time searching for keys or misplaced items. Strengthen your security by reducing unauthorised access to sensitive areas while ensuring immediate access to critical equipment.

We offer electronic cabinets accommodating 30 to 200 keys, ensuring secure storage and access control for various-sized facilities.

Integrated key tagging and tracking software provides complete visibility into key movements, preventing loss and unauthorised use. Key control software allows you to define user access levels, ensuring only authorised personnel can access specific keys.

Maintain a transparent record of all key usage, fostering accountability and aiding in security investigations.

Charging Abilities

Undoubtedly, military operations and police use electronic equipment or assets that need charging regularly, like radios for example. Equipment that requires charging points can be safely stored while charging in our intelligent lockers or cabinets. Depending on your needs, our charging functions can be designed around your equipment, with bespoke sizes and power connections. These can be smartly monitored too, so that you track and trace their use with key control software or RFID recognition.

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Key Cabinets

Our glass-fronted cabinets enable users and authorised staff to view the keys and visually analyse when keys have been returned or not. We also supply cabinets with mirrored fronts so that users typing in pins can view if anyone is behind them. Our cabinets are robust, made with stainless steel and they’re policed approved. You can be sure that Keytracker’s products offer high security for asset management.

Choose Keytracker for High Security

Implement a robust key management system to safeguard your high-value assets and critical infrastructure. Keytracker can deliver insights into the running of your operations and promote a smoother, more efficient management of assets and keys. Enable quick access for emergencies or call-outs but restrict certain personnel from gaining access to dangerous, or specialist equipment.

A member of our team can demonstrate the ways in which our products meet your requirements. Contact us today if you’re looking to invest in high security for asset management.