Automotive Key & Asset Management

The Top Solution for Managing Automotive Keys & Valuable Equipment

For around 25 years, KeyTracker has been the leading provider of key management systems for the automotive industry. KeyTracker systems will be found in workshops, garages, depots, dealerships, and private hire companies throughout the UK.

Professional businesses within the automotive industry require a wide variety of car key solutions. KeyTracker has vast experience in this sector following installations that handle many different situations, both across the UK and worldwide, making this a trustworthy source of information with the ability to accurately assess clients’ current processes and update them as necessary.

KeyTracker mechanical products store keys in the UK’s only police approved secure commercial key cabinets and work together to pair keys and vehicles on forecourts with secure matching key positions and authorised users. Allowing staff to quickly and easily identify vehicles, eliminating time spent searching for the right key whilst helping to reduce customer wait times.

KeyTracker electronic products use the latest software and state-of-the-art hardware to tell the whole story of both vehicles and users whilst sending automatic alerts and reports as required to help management become more efficient and increase profitability.

Some dealerships have over 2,000 vehicles in stock at any one time. The challenge of managing large quantities of keys requires precisely the right system to ensure smooth and efficient operations, respecting the time involved for both customers and employees.

Product options include:

Mechanical Peg-in Peg-Out Key Management Systems

Single units used for tools, ladders, or equipment, ensuring the item or key set is always locked into its correct numbered position, or it is clear which individual has it because their initialled and department-coloured peg is in its place and cannot be removed.

The keys or items are permanently attached with an anti-tamper seal, preventing individual theft when in use. Our cabinets are ideal for storing car keys securely and allowing authorised access only.

Smart Electronic Key Management Systems

eTrack Key Management Systems operated from a 5 or 10” capacitive touch screen control panel with standard PIN access, incorporate static key management for buildings and estates teams or dynamic key management for fleets or vehicle key management where keys may move between sites and cabinets.

Full redundancy is covered with battery backup and manual key override in case of building and system power outage with further resilience in case of data connection loss allowing for the systems to operate for a minimum of 1 month without connection to the server.

Cloud hosting available.

Further options include:

  •  Locking or Non-Locking Tracks
  •  Static or Dynamic Key Positions
  •  10” HD Touchscreen Controller or 5” HD Keypad Controller
  •  Fingerprint, PIN or Card Access

Intelligent Drop-off & Collection Lockers

KT intelligent lockers are configured in ‘Drop-off and Collection’ mode to accommodate the smart delivery and collection of keys, entry passes, packages, parcels, laundry, and other essential items or provisions.

Available for both indoor and outdoor installation, these systems enable organisations to provide a 24/7 deposit and retrieval facility, allowing customers to access purchased goods at their convenience. They can also be loaded with essential work equipment, enabling employees or students to get the tools they need to minimise disruption to their duties and allow them to work more effectively.

Not only convenient but drop-off and collection lockers also provide a contactless, safe experience for users, providing a solution that meets the demands and concerns of modern living.

Programmed to deliver a fully automated and trackable process in real-time, these lockers help to achieve a seamless service whilst creating a wealth of other opportunities that promote organisational growth and improvement.

KeyTracker automotive key management systems will help to streamline and simplify all client processes, whether a large car dealership, an independent with a few cars, a depot or a pre-delivery inspection centre. The KeyTracker product range features a wide variety of solutions to keep track of keys and improve operational efficiency.

KeyTracker lockers also use the same technology for out of hours collection and drop off of keys or equipment.

Your auto garage or dealership likely has expensive tools and equipment. With RFID technology and advanced software, you can keep better track of these items. Administrators can then review who checked which items out, providing greater accountability and security.

Steve Pearce, Operations Manager at Motor Range Liverpool, said:

 “The KeyTracker System has proved invaluable to us, since we have had the system in place we are able to track the whereabouts of every key on site and only authorised users can access the cabinet and retrieve the key that is securely locked in place, this control has meant that since having the system not a single key has been misplaced or lost.”

“We have also seen some fantastic operational benefits to having the system too, our team take more accountability to ensure the keys are returned, the system has had a favourable impact on insurance premiums and countless man-hours have been saved looking for lost or misplaced keys”