Key & Asset Management in the Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is notorious for having a high volume of keys and assets on the premises daily. With this in mind, they therefore have a substantial amount of assets and keys that they must ensure are kept safe and out of the way of the public who step foot in their showrooms.

This is where Keytracker come in and can provide the right secure solution for you.

Keytracker's Solutions for Automotive Dealers

Keytrackers cabinets for car keys are designed with security at the forefront.

With a range of mechanical systems available as well as electronic cabinet systems, there is always a solution that can suit your needs.

Keytrackers Mechanical Systems include a range of retention/access pegs that can be used in conjunction with peg-in, peg-out boards. The pegs are a secure way of numbering your keys before they are kept securing in the peg board until required. Alternatively, and perhaps a more popular methods in the automotive sector, is the magnetic boards and blocks. The magnetic blocks can be numbered or plain, depending on your need and provide a very strong secure solution for your keys.

If you are looking for something even more secure, Keytracker’s e-track electronic cabinets are a great solution! These cabinets are home to a peg board holding keys in a securely closed cabinet, accessed by authorised personnel only. E-track cabinets have PIN, card or fingerprint access and are available in sizes ranging from 20 keys to 200 keys!

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Case Studies - Main Dealers

To see how Keytracker have helped the automotive sector previously, why not see our case studies

We have provided secure key & asset management solutions to a range of big car names including:

Case Studies - Car Supermarkets & Dealers

Keytracker have also provided secure key and asset management solutions to car supermarkets and smaller dealers including:

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