Securing the Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector is known to include hotels, entertainment complexes, hotels and so much more! With such an array of businesses involved, all in varying sizes, each individual business can manage any volume of assets and keys on a daily basis.

With a busy, always-on-the-go business to run, worrying about your asset and key security and management can be made simple with the help of KeyTracker’s mechanical or electronic systems and accessories.

How KeyTracker Help the Hospitality Industry

KeyTracker have been helping in the hospitality industry for a number of years, providing a range of secure management solutions for keys and assets, no matter the size of the business!

KeyTracker’s range of management solutions have been developed and designed to maximise efficiency and security. They can provide peace of mind to any size of business, with options available in all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Case Study: Gleneagles Hotel

Gleneagles Hotel is a world famous, luxury hotel, spa, and golf-course. With a high number of facilities throughout the hotel and surrounding grounds, it became apparent that managing keys on paper was no longer good enough for the business. With this in mind, KeyTracker were contacted to offer a solution to their key and asset security needs.

Having researched and selected KeyTracker for their solution, they were able to successfully purchase three electronic key systems. These were integrated directly into their current access control system, giving their 500 members of staff access to keys safely, saving an average of 5/10 minutes per day.

The installation of these electronic key systems provided more efficiency across all hotel teams, reducing the need for concern for keys and asset security.

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KeyTracker Solutions

KeyTracker offer a wide range of secure key and asset management solutions, including the electronic key systems.

Mechanical systems include peg-in, peg-out boards, magnetic boards and blocks, lockers with digital locks and accompanying accessories and retention pegs.

Alternatively, KeyTracker provide electronic systems, known as E-Track, with cabinets ranging from 20 keys to 200 keys per unit. Accessories for these units can also be found through KeyTracker to ensure that your keys are secure in the unit at all times.

Our in-house key control software also offers real-time data when installed alongside your new units. This software means that your security can be managed 24/7 from any location.

All KeyTracker solutions have been designed with time saving, efficiency and client needs in mind, helping you to secure your assets and keys immediately and at all times.

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