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Keytracker, a company with vast experience in key management, offers a comprehensive range of commercial key cabinets designed to meet your specific needs. Our cabinets prioritise security, organisation, and customisation, ensuring your keys are always accessible to authorised personnel while remaining protected from unauthorised access.

Our bespoke commercial steel cabinets are available in four different sizes. In each of these cabinets, you can have a maximum of two mechanical key systems or two hook panels. These can be situated inside the cabinet and on the inside of the door.

Keytracker Variety of Commercial Key Cabinets Include:

Glass Front Commercial Key Cabinets

Our glass-fronted commercial key cabinets are meticulously designed to meet the demands of our clients. Crafted with durability in mind, our cabinets boast heavy-duty construction and feature self-closing hinges for added security and convenience.

We offer a left-hand side or right-hand side opening, and the glass-fronted cabinets are covered in a smooth neutral powder coating (they can be produced in any colour to suit your brand/company colours). All our cabinets have internal channels allowing simple board or panel fitting and removal. If you do not have sufficient wall space, we can also supply a cabinet plinth for your cabinet to go onto.

Commercial key cabinet with a glass front

Police Approved Secure Commercial Key Cabinets

Police approved commercial key cabinets

Amongst the commercial key cabinets we supply here at Keytracker, our police-approved high-security key cabinets are made with reinforced steel at all entry points and have top and bottom armoured security locks. These have a reinforced case, a 7mm thick deadbolt and a drill-resistant rotating plate, offering maximum burglar resistance. They are the only police-approved secure commercial key cabinets.

commercial Mirrored key cabinets

Mirrored Front Commercial Key Cabinets

Keytracker’s cabinet with its mirrored front is perfect to provide extra security, so you know if anyone is lurking behind you and noting down the code you may have entered. The mirrored key cabinets can also offer pleasant aesthetics, with a touch of sophistication. Overall, mirrored key cabinets offer a blend of practicality, style, and functionality, making them a valuable asset for commercial settings.

Commercial Key Cabinet Accessories Range

To help out our clients, we also offer a range of key cabinet accessories. Key cabinet accessories may offer numerous benefits to enhance the functionality of commercial key cabinet systems while helping you to customise its configurations, accommodating specific organisational preferences and needs.

Unlock Your Key Management Solution with Keytracker

Here at Keytracker, we strive to create commercial key cabinets that are suited to the customer's individual needs. With a commitment to innovation, we are constantly working to develop new products to fill gaps in the market.

With extensive experience and expertise in key and asset management, Keytracker is your trusted partner in safeguarding your valuables. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members who will guide you through our comprehensive range of solutions.

Give us a call today and discuss your needs with one of our friendly and professional team members, or get in touch for more information on our electronicmechanical or software solutions for key management.

Flexible Finance

All Keytracker products can be rented, leased or purchased, including “Try Before You Buy” rental and “Quick Swap” to a different plan, at any time.

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