Key Management in Prisons & Security

The Prisons & Security sector is one that requires high levels of security for all assets and keys at all times. Without the right security measure sin place, keys may go missing which could have negative outcomes.

This is where Keytracker comes in, offering a wide range of products for key management. Whether you are looking for a small system, or something on a larger scale, we have the right solution for you.

The Need for Key Security in Prison

When working a prison, not only is it important to keep your keys locked up 24/7, or firmly kept a hold of by Officers when in the facility but is vital to ensure that everything has the ability to be traced.

  • Prisoner medications – these can be put into intelligent locker systems, accessed only by the prison for whom the medication is for.
  • Documentation must be locked away and kept out of sight due to confidentiality.
  • Staff belongings – officers often want their assets and personnel belongings locked away whilst on shift.
  • Access to restricted areas - keys are kept out of the way of unauthorised personnel to ensure only those with authorisation can access areas such as cell blocks, administration offices and storage rooms.

Key Management & Compliance

When it comes to prison key management, there are several compliance regulations that are in place to enhance safety and security in the prison environment:

  • HMPPS (Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service) Security Framework
    • Outlines the security requirements that must be met for safety and security within a prison setting, including the need for a centralised kay management system and the use of electronic access control systems.
  • Prison Service Instructions
    • HMPPS issues Prison Service Instructions (PSIs). These provide detailed guidance on key management policies and procedures across all UK prisons. PSIs include regular audits of key control systems, procedures for report lost keys and guidance on how to use the electronic access systems.
  • National Security Inspectorate
    • The NSI will inspect UK prisons, who are subject to being responsible for ensuring compliance with national security standards. They will inspect all management systems to ensure they meet the required standards and provide adequate security.
  • Prison Inspectorate
    • The HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) inspects UK prisons, ensuring that there is safety and security in prison environments, and highlights where prisons need to improve practices to meet and remain compliant.
Mechanical Key Systems

Keytracker Products & Solutions

Keytracker offer a wide range of products that can offer the right solution for any UK prison.

  • Mechanical Systems – our mechanical systems are designed and manufactured to provide fast access and security to your key management and assets.
  • Cabinets & Safes – Keytrackers bespoke steel cabinets are designed to work with their peg-in, peg-out boards, provides enhanced levels of security for your assets and keys.
  • Electronic Systems – future proofing systems, giving full traceability, easy access, and high levels of security at all times.
  • Key Control Software – when pairing mechanical systems or electronic units with our Key Control Software, this provides you with a comprehensive tool for tracking, managing, and auditing your keys and assets wherever you are.
  • RFiD Systems – RFiD systems are ideal for loss prevention, being able to be fitted across a range of sectors and building to keep assets secure at all times. They provide the ability to track assets wherever they are in your building at any time.
  • Intelligent Lockers – Intelligent lockers are highly effective methods for keeping assets or keys secure and granting access to authorised personnel only.

Keytracker also offer a range of accessories to accompany all of these products, including access and retention pegs, additional magnetic blocks, mirror hangers, anti-tamper seals and more.

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