KeyTrackers Contactless Lockers

KeyTracker is the leading provider of electronic and mechanical key systems for the workplace. We have always strived to create systems suited to the clients’ individual requirements; our Research & Development team works hard to create new products to fill gaps in the market. Contactless lockers are in general becoming increasingly popular, living through a pandemic, and in the quest to stop the spread of coronavirus any non-contact solutions have proved popular.

Contactless Locker solutions

KeyTrackers contactless lockers have been evolved to help support no contact options, the design and innovative technology that we have produced to ensure a safe and no contact option for employees and customers is second to none.

Intelligent Locker solutions

KeyTracker offers a range of intelligent lockers, all of which provide a secure, smart, and practical storage solution that allows organisations to extend non-contact options for clients.

In our personal item storage lockers, power facilities can be included in the lockers so that public power supplies do not have to be used or touched. Individuals can borrow a locker compartment that enables them to use a hassle-free service to quickly deposit and retrieve their belongings as and when suits them.

Our drop-off and collection lockers are also contactless lockers, these lockers allow an out of hours service, which helps to reduce the amount of contact between customers and employees. Items such as packages, parcels, keys, and passes can be dropped off and collected at the individual's convenience. Our drop off and collection lockers provide a safe and contactless experience for users.

Another of our contactless solutions are our business asset loan lockers, these lockers are operating 365 days a year, and are relied on by many colleges, schools, and businesses, they offer the storing and charging of important equipment, enhancing security and improving workplace efficiency and reduce theft loss and damage.

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