Smart Lockers

Keytracker’s smart lockers are used for the automated storage, charging, and management of equipment, enhancing security and workplace efficiency.

Keytracker Smart Lockers operate 365 days a year, operating 24/7, they are relied upon by a huge number of organizations including schools, manufacturing facilities, and public spaces, vending important and much-needed equipment to approved users.



Intelligent lockers

These smart lockers can help look after and keep track of expensive items, such as tools, devices, and equipment that could be lost or even stolen.

The lockers provide accountability for each member of staff, each employee will have their own login, so each item is easily tracked, and you know when the item was borrowed. With an easy-to-use interface, it allows employees to collect the items required quickly and safely. With fewer administrative challenges the smart lockers offer you and your staff flexibility and peace of mind.

About us

Keytracker is proud to be a privately owned business with our head office based in the West Midlands but covering the worldwide market. Keytracker is the leading provider of mechanical and electronic control systems for the workplace. We continue to provide the most up-to-date and ideal solutions for our customer's specific requirements.