Why Intelligent Lockers in Southampton?

Are you a business in Southampton looking for ways to improve your internal organisation and processes somehow? Why not consider Intelligent Locker systems from Keytracker?

What is an Intelligent Locker?

Intelligent lockers are units designed and built with smart security in mind. They have been designed and manufactured by our in-house team at Keytracker, with the aim of improving your business processes and service options in a neat and intelligent way.

Not only can they aid your business activities, but they provide security for your assets too. Designed to give access on condition and give activity tracking, it can help ensure that your business assets are only accessible to those in need of them at that time.

With Keytracker, they come complete with cloud-based network connectivity, meaning that from a business standpoint, you can see all activity and accessibility online.

Keytracker Options

With these points in mind, why not take a look at the options available from Keytracker Southampton.

Currently, the intelligent lockers range from Keytracker includes:

  • Business Asset Loans lockers
    • Advanced lockers for securing, managing, and charging your business assets
    • Designed to improve workplace efficiency, reducing loss, damage, and theft
  • Personal Item storage units
    • Allows a business to provide secure self-storage for visitors, staff, or students with personal belongings
  • Drop-off and collection lockers
    • Designed to help boost business potential via out-of-hours service
    • Providing secure drop-off or collection means for assets even when businesses are closed

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