Key Cabinets in Birmingham

If you are looking to securely manage your business keys and valuable equipment, then the Keytracker range of key cabinets in Birmingham and across the West Midlands is the best choice you will find. We offer one of the widest ranges of products in the market and we are proud to say they offer great levels of security

Our Range of Key Cabinets

To help out with as many business requirements as possible, at Keytracker we have developed a range of key cabinets that can suit many types of business, be they smaller, local ones in the Birmingham area, or a worldwide company. Estate agents, Property Owners, Car dealerships, Educational establishments and more. Our solutions to keep your equipment and keys safe may include:

Electronic Key Cabinets

Great for quick access to authorised people, the electronic key cabinets may offer a safe yet smart option for business. They are a kind of smart key management, keeping a simple way to control your keys while still offering the best in security.

e-Track key cabinets are easy to be introduced into existing operations as their systems work in line with user-end requirements and are easy to adapt to once their simplicity of use will benefit both your business and your customers/staff. Nobody will ever have to spend time again looking for their keys in the cabinet.

E-Track System
Glass Key Cabinet Front

Mechanical Key Cabinets

Within a range of mechanical key security systems, the mechanical key cabinets may include:

Glass Front Key Cabinets

Also known as Perspex door key cabinets, the glass front key cabinets are great for heavy-duty, and they may include self-closing door hinges. These are great solutions if you don’t want to keep the key cabinet open while looking for the keys of need once you can have a clear visual of the keys.

Police Approved Secure Key Cabinet

The Keytracker police secure key cabinets are the only ones that are police approved in the market. They are made with reinforced stainless steel, while the security locks come with armoured reinforced casing and a 7mm thick deadbolt and drill-resistant plate. These key cabinets offer maximum security against burglary.

Peg-in Peg-out Boards

These mechanical key cabinet systems are one of the most effective and used types of key cabinets. The peg-in peg-out boards can identify the person who last removed the keys thanks to its system, offering a simple solution to key management without compromising security or user experience.

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If you are a local business, be it the Birmingham area or West Midlands-based, Keytracker will be able to help you to keep your business keys safe while allowing your staff to do their best with no worries in terms of security. Our key cabinets are one of the best in the market and if you need one key system management that suits your business needs, we are sure we can help!

Contact us now for more information on our products, or for any other queries you may have. Our team will be happy to help.


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