Securing Keys in Educational Settings

Schools and Universities are often large buildings with so many doors and locked rooms, therefore a high volume of keys!

With a high number of people about the building every day, it is crucial to ensure all keys are kept safe and out of the way for the many! This is where Keytracker can help you…

Keytracker Can Help Secure Your Keys

Keytracker have many options available for securing your assets and keys no matter the number of them.

Within an educational setting, there would be a specific group of people that would have access to keys potentially and therefore a mechanical systems or electronic system would be recommended.

Mechanical systems include peg-in, peg-out boards or magnetic blocks and boards. These have been designed with maximum security in mind through minimal means. Keytrackers peg-in, peg-out boards are used with retention pegs (also available from Keytracker). These pegs can be numbered to match the board and are secured to keys through anti-tamper seals (also available from Keytracker). Magnetic blocks are similar in design, but keys are secured through the use of very strong magnets.

Alternatively, educational settings may benefit from electronic key cabinets like Keytrackers e-track systems. These are electronically accessible cabinets that have been designed to hold small or large numbers of keys, depending on your need. These cabinets allow authorised personnel to access the keys within via PIN, card access or fingerprint recognition.

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