Key Management in Education

Education is a vital part of life for everyone; having the institutions available to pursue your education is key. Ensuring that colleges and universities stay secure can be a big task for those in charge. With a large number of keys per site, it can be a daunting task to manage every individual key day in, day out, as well as managing offsite complexes too.

This is where a key management system from KeyTracker can revolutionise your key management in any educational setting.

Being able to efficiently manage the vast number of keys both on and offsite per educational location can be an impossible task without secure management systems.

KeyTracker offer a range of solutions to manage your keys, saving time and reducing the risk of theft and loss in the long run. Products have been designed and manufactured with customers and their businesses in mind. From our mechanical systems to electronic key management solutions and cloud software, there is a solution for every business and educational setting.

Case Studies in Education

Over the last few years alone, KeyTracker have expanded their portfolio of case studies within the education sector to include Wilkinson Primary School, Beechwood College, The University of Exeter and University of London, and University College London.

Wilkinson Primary School noticed a problem with their key management system when, inadvertently, a member of staff had taken not only the necessary vehicle keys, but the two other vehicles keys with them too. This led to children being let down and unable to attend a cross country event. Having contacted KeyTracker with this issue, we were able to provide them with a mechanical system to hold their 50 keys in a self-closing push button access cabinet. This system allowed easy access to the keys and assets, but reduced the risk of removing more keys than needed at any given time.

The University of London is a vast complex with campus based keys and student accommodation keys to manage and secure. With 7 residential sites and campus, this meant that the administration of these keys needed improving and securing. Having spoken with KeyTracker, they installed 8 electronic key management systems for the 7 residential areas and campus sites. Each system was chosen to hold 520 keys and have pin access for approved users only. Alongside the electronic system installation, they ensured that each cabinet was linked with the KeyTracker Software to give complete audit trails. These cabinets provided high levels of security and key management across all University complexes.

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Key Management Solutions from KeyTracker

KeyTracker has a wide range of products that can be installed and integrated into any size business, tailoring our systems to your unique needs.

Mechanical systems include our peg-in, and peg-out boards, magnetic blocks and boards, mechanical lockers with digital locks, access and retention pegs and any other accompanying accessories for these systems. Each system has been designed with security in mind to help make sure that your keys and assets remain safe.

Alternatively, our Electronic systems, known as E-Track, can provide you with higher levels of security and traceability. Designed to give reports and audit trails on all authorised access, these systems are a good management solution for those with many staff accessing keys on a regular basis.

All of our KeyTracker products can be found online, with more information per product.

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