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Welcome to KeyTracker, your trusted partner in comprehensive key holding and security solutions. With a commitment to excellence and years of expertise in the industry, we provide unparalleled services to safeguard your assets and ensure a secure environment.

KeyTracker has been supplying the Key Holding and Security sector for several years and can provide solutions for the securing and management of keys with secure key management systems & vital security equipment with locker systems.

Key and asset management is vital to ensure the availability of keys & security equipment. Our services and products serve all establishments with beneficial solutions, and new ways of tracking and managing keys and assets for a smooth running operation. Save time and money with KeyTracker's key holding and security solutions.

How KeyTracker Can Help..

Mechanical Systems are a secure solution for your high volume of keys. KeyTracker’s peg-in, peg-out boards can be used alongside retention/access pegs. The retention pegs allow keys to be secured and only removed by authorised personnel, meaning you know who has the key when it has been removed.

An alternative option within the Mechanical Systems range is the magnetic blocks and board. These are numbered or plain and can be very effective in securing keys. The strong magnets allow you to keep keys safe and only remove when needed. These are particularly effective for vehicle fleets!

KeyTracker also offer electronic key cabinet systems. In particular, KeyTracker offer the e-Track systems with a number of options available, depending upon the number of keys you hold. The e-track systems have been designed to secure keys and allow authorised access only. Access can be through PIN, fingerprint or card access, depending upon your business needs. Each key is secured to a retention peg that is engraved with the number matching the cabinets position. These systems are great for those who wish to use a cloud base system too!