Keytracker products can be used to control and secure building keys, restricted areas, tools and equipment and locks used for lockout-tagout.

Our range of products are suitable for all types of companies within the Utilities industry from powerplants to telecommunication companies. Our key cabinets, software and locker ranges can secure and manage all valuable keys and equipment whilst the Keytracker loss prevention range can monitor the usage of keys and equipment in, out and even within various areas of single or multiple sites.

Kevin Smith, Head of Maintenance and Compliance at Tyne Housing said:

“Since having the system in place we have seen massive improvement to day to day operations, with some of our properties having more than 20 keys we have hundreds to manage, the biggest advantage is that we do not waste time looking for keys as we can instantly identify who has them.”

“It also makes life so much easier for our on-call staff who could have an emergency call out at 2am, the Keytracker system means we can provide our tenants with a better service, if we need to get into properties or provide access for emergency services we can do this swiftly without the need to damage properties to get in.” Kevin Smith, Head of Maintenance and Compliance at Tyne Housing

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Improved Security

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