Secure management of keys and access control is crucial for the safety and reliability of essential infrastructure. With Keytracker’s systems, utility companies can ensure that only authorised staff members have access to sensitive areas and equipment, reducing the risk of accidents, sabotage, and theft. Keytracker’s systems can also provide real-time tracking and monitoring of keys and access, allowing for quick identification of who has access to which areas and when. This can help utility companies maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, such as those related to safety and security.

Keytracker's key management systems can help utility companies save time and money by eliminating the need for manual key management processes and reducing the risk of lost or stolen keys. Our mechanical systems are an efficient and affordable solution for quick, easy, and secure key management of utilities. Our Single (T1) Unit follows the same design as the peg-in, peg-out board. It offers security and support for extensive tools.

Our electronic key cabinets, key control software, and locker ranges can secure and manage all valuable keys and equipment and monitor their usage in, out, and even within various areas of single or multiple sites.

Mechanical System Boards

Streamlining Utility Operations and Security

Save time searching for misplaced keys when you face critical maintenance or repairs that impact your service. Key management systems eliminate this chaos by providing a centralised location for secure storage and easy access. Employees can quickly locate and retrieve keys, while clear return protocols ensure equipment is promptly accounted for. Crew members and teams can focus more on the task than on organising who has which keys.

Scalability for Single or Multi-Site Operations

Whether you manage a single location or a network of facilities, Keytracker's systems can be easily scaled to meet your needs. Our solutions integrate seamlessly across multiple sites, providing centralised control and a holistic view of your key and equipment management across your entire organisation. The utility sector requires secure and reliable key management and investing in a robust cabinet or locker, and tracking features means eliminating inefficiency. Get in touch with us to discover the best products for your company and receive demonstrations on how to make the most of your system of choice.

Choose Keytracker for Enhanced Security

Investing in key management is an investment in the smooth operation and security of your utility company. Keytracker provides the tools and solutions to empower your workforce, streamline processes, and ensure the reliable delivery of essential services to your community. We have options for all budgets, scales, and relevance. Manual key tracking is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Keytracker eliminates this burden by automating key management tasks, allowing your team to focus on core competencies, like maintenance, repairs, and meter readings. Resulting in faster response times, improved service delivery, and ultimately, happier customers.

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