Key Security Systems

Key Systems to Improve Your Security

At Keytracker, we have many solutions to offer you when it comes to keeping your keys secure, organised and tracked. Whether your establishment is a small business or you have lots of keys for a larger business with many employees Keytracker has efficient solutions for keeping the property and assets safe. Our key security systems encourage your productivity and promote a smooth-running operation for your business too.

Mechanical solutions allow for an easy-to-use key security system, for small or medium-sized businesses. They work great for employee use, with peg-in and peg-out boards you can track the key with the person so you know who currently is in hold the key. Keytracker’s mechanical lockers and cabinets are also great for not only keys but equipment or assets too. A DigiLocker is accessible via a code and are available as modular cubes, providing a convenient solution for storing and charging laptops, other devices, as well as larger personal items. Our key cabinets are designed so that they’re sturdy and reliable. Not only can they be used to store equipment, but they are perfect for implementing the peg-in boards so that keys can securely be locked away at the end of the day.

Our electronic solutions on the other hand offer something slightly different and are more advanced when it comes to tracking your keys down. Our electronic key security systems include intelligent lockers that are suited to all sectors in need of storage for valuable items or a contactless operation. With charging facilities, these lockers can be perfect for educational sectors or businesses that rely on electronic equipment every day. They’re also perfect for personal items and temporary storage for deliveries. With electronic lockers, your business won’t have to rely so heavily on administrative tasks and these key security systems work out of hours and without the need of assistance 24/7.

Protecting Your Keys with Keytracker

Our user-friendly key security systems make managing keys easy and provide seamless experiences for establishments and the public. You can read our case studies here to see how our secure keys storage has benefitted clients. Our lockers can be customisable to you too! With various options for accessibility like thumbprints, cards or keys, you can control your security and trace the use of your systems with our key control software. Our software is designed to further help your business or organisation manage your keys either on its own or alongside one of Keytracker’s key management systems.

Sectors we’ve worked with include:

Get in touch with a member of the team today for more information on how our products will support your business and better your administration tasks. We provide demonstrations too so that you can use your electronic and mechanical systems fully informed and see for yourself how they’ll improve you key security systems.