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Door Entry Smart Card Reader

Door Entry Smart Card Reader only model which supports EM Card platforms.

The Door Entry Smart Card Reader only model also supports an optional built-in camera that can take snapshots of accepted or rejected attempts and store up to 500 photos directly in the database for viewing via the web interface/browser. Also, you can connect Video camera Output to an LCD monitor or DVR for an all-in-one Video Surveillance solution.

  • Embedded software, no software installation necessary.
  • State of the art embedded, encrypted Linux web server technology. Control, configure & administrate via a web browser
  • SSL encrypted communication between units & browser
  • Real-time system update & configuration
  • Operates in Standalone or Network mode
  • Robust and scalable (thousands of users on a global basis) for enterprise-wide deployment
  • IP 65 rated, weather & impact resistant casing (fluid ingress, dust, salt, fog protection)
  • Built-in CMOS/Video camera for Video Surveillance
  • Up to 500 photos (FIFO internal storage)
  • API support for easy interface to most software applications
  • 1,000, 3,000 , 5,000 ,10,000, 15,000 , 20,000 or 30,000 users
  • Up to 75,000 event logs
  • Multi-lingual interface (LCD & Web)
  • Three Modes of authentication
    • Smart Card only or Barcode only
    • Smart Card + PIN
    • ID + PIN.

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