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RFID Systems

  • Standalone Mode or in Remote Card Authorisation (RCA) Mode.
  • RCA Mode gives the ability to remotely set up and allocate cards to locks or lock groups with our offline or cloud-based software.

Standard Programming

Standard programming operations include First Use (Initialisation), setting Private/Public Function, adding User/Technician Cards and Factory Reset.

Additional Programming

Programmer (sold separately) is required to perform additional programming operations such as Auto-Unlock, Maximum Locked Period, Dual Authorisation and more. Before each programming operation, this will need to be plugged into the micro USB port at the bottom of the lock and the Master Card must be presented for authorisation. When the Programmer is unplugged, the Red LED will flash once within 5 seconds to indicate it is out of programming mode.


Before programming, select the most appropriate function for the application: Private Function or Public Function.

Private Function

This function is used where the same pre-registered User Cards are repeatedly used, auto-locking after each opening. Up to 50 individual User Cards, 10 individual Technician Cards and 1 Master Card can be registered per lock.
This function supports Dual Card Authorisation, where 2 cards (either User or Technician) must be presented within 5 seconds of each other to unlock.


Standalone Access

The lock supports a maximum of Master Card (1), Technician Cards (10) and  User Cards (50).

Penalty Time

Presenting an unregistered card 3 times will incur a 10-second time delay before any further use is possible.


KT RFID uses 4 x AA batteries. Always use high-quality batteries. Dispose of old batteries according to local authority recommendations.
When battery power is low, the Red LED will flash 3 times before any locking/unlocking. Batteries have up to 100 operations remaining and should be changed as soon as possible

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