Pre-Loved Keytracker Electronic Secure System

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Make sure your keys are accessible but secure with the Locked positions option. Designed with security as paramount, the cabinet uses built-in intelligence to give administrators complete control over individual access to keys, safeguarding against opportunist theft and misuse.

Optional 110v
Locked cabinet with individually locked/released key sets

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The secondary locking feature means that even when the cabinet is in use, your keys are secure within the board. This feature works by locking the key holding fobs in their respective positions within the board. The keys can only be retrieved from the board if the user is authorised. LED lights clearly show which keys are unlocked for easy identification and removal.

The intelligent software that supports the cabinet will automatically record all cabinet and key usage into an easy-to-use audit trail. The software is accessible on all smart devices, so you will always have complete control of your cabinet at anytime, anywhere.

“The Keytracker system has increased the security of our key sets and improved our day-to-day operations. Generating reports on all keys to audit usage is easy and a great deal of time is saved for the approximate 500 users, saving anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes each, per day.” – Derek McQueen, Gleneagles Hotel

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